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Please find below the map of pools and saunas below the list.

Indoor pools Outdoor pools
P12 Kid's pool 32-34 °CP1 Wave pool 28 °C
P13 Hot plunge pool 40-42 °C

P2 Round pool 36 °C
P14 Cold plunge pool 18-20 °CP3 Kid's pool 30 °C
P15 Medical pool with thermal water 36 °CP4 Kid's pool 32-36 °C
 P5 Open air bath pool 30-32 °C
SaunasP6 Swimming pool 26 °C
S1 Steam room 40-50 oCP7 Leisure pool 30 °C
S2 Aroma sauna 50-60 °CP8 Adventure pool 32 °C
S3 Finnish sauna 90-100 °CP9 Thermal pool I. 30-32 °C
P10 Thermal pool II. 33-36 °C
P11 Slide pool 26-28 °C