Palatinus Bath - Services [Official website]

Services of Palatinus Bath

  • thermal pools
  • swimming pool
  • plunge pools with hot and cold water
  • children's pool
  • saunas: Finnish sauna, herbal aroma sauna, steam chamber
  • rental
  • safe
  • catering services
  • ATM
  • Budapest Spas Cosmetics

Only in the summer season:

  • wave pool (operating at every hour 45 minutes)
  • water slide-park (Slides can be used by guests whose shoulder height is taller than 120 cm. Slides can be used at your own risk between 8 am and 7.30 pm. Children under the age of 14 can use the slides under parental surveillance.)
  • leisure pools
  • sunbeds
  • outdoor fitness park
  • playground
  • beach products